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I feel sick

2022.01.27 20:15 Arsehole_Destroyer I feel sick

Am I just a toy to some men? Something pretty to look at? It’s not fair.
I don’t want to hear that I’ve got a fat bunda, I don’t want to hear about all the things you’d do to me, I don’t want to hear your unrealistic fantasies about me and I certainly don’t want you to describe me as a sex doll.
Don’t send me dick pics, don’t pressure me into sending nudes and don’t try to harass me for my number.
Don’t say all of these disgusting and overly sexual things about me to me, I don’t want to hear about how you want to cum all over my thighs or tiddy fuck me, I was just trying to have a nice conversation.
If anyone ever touches me again, I’m going to break their god damn hand. I don’t want to be touched like that.
I’m just trying to exist, I don’t need anyone trying to catcall me while I’m waiting for a fucking bus.
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2022.01.27 20:15 Mysterious-Jaguar-30 Nellie Bertram...so pretty

I am sorry if this is inappropriate for this sub...but I can't get over how attractive Nellie is! I am a straight woman and I always admire her when she comes on screen. Are there any characters you think are unexpectedly attractive? My other pick would be OCCASIONALLY Dwight
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2022.01.27 20:15 Demonhick To write 2021 in Roman Numerals.

To write 2021 in Roman Numerals. submitted by Demonhick to therewasanattempt [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 Strange_Ad_8908 Sex for chronic pain

I have a history of sexual abuse as a child so I try and jump past any excuses for my feelings and behavior and assume all that I am about to write about is more or less a problem with me but I have to get it out somehow.
I had a back injury that has really fucked with my head. I live with chronic pain everyday but am thankful to have escaped the type of pain that was going to cause me to kill myself. The problem is that I have had this injury for years and always been in a lot of pain and used sex as a way to manage the pain. My PTSD also causes a great deal of physical pain due to always being tense, and tired from a lack of sleep.
These days I spend nights crying my eyes out, breathless, experiencing sheer panic for hours. Constant thoughts of suicide and a pounding heart are normal for me.
Though I have been with my wife for 8 years and love her dearly, there has always been a wall that I can't seem to work around when it comes to sex. For years I have felt distant from her and yearned for more of a connection with her, wanting fire and passion and obsession with each other. Fun games, fantasies, pushing each others boundaries while getting lost in each other. All things I am use to in a sexual partner, but she is inaccessible. It does not matter what I do, I just can't seem to get her to let those walls down, to let me in and help me feel like I am not all alone on a rock flying through the darkness towards my inevitable death...
I am way more sexually experienced and adventurous than her but it wouldn't matter to me at all if I could just have a connection... so without that connection I am feeling like I am some seriously fucked up individual to be dieing inside feeling like something is missing. She is great, I love her, have no interest is looking elsewhere, but can't help but feel...
For reals, how the hell could I have a problem... she is incredible 😍... so obviously I am fucked up in the head right? She is everything else I wanted other than this so why can't I just meet her where she is at even if it is no where near where I am?
It doesn't help that since our son was born a few months ago, she has had a prolapse and I guess we're never going to have sex again...
How am I suppose to do this? Sex addiction was hard enough to deal with when I could have sex but now with nothing...?????? I just feel so fucked for not ever getting fucked again 😪
I have a big dick and know how to use it, know how to take my time and listen to a woman's feedback, how to warm her up and get in her mind at the same time, but now I have been told that I have sex "way too hard and women don't like it like that even if they say they do" according to her. After being with her for 8 years and cutting out most everything I like from dirty talk, to foreplay, to sex that is ACTUALLY hard, idk what I can do to accommodate her more. Honestly, idk how much longer I'll even be able to have sex period which is terrifying all on its own, but now being told I pretty much am incompatable as a sex partner, I am so depressed I can't hardly manage not to cry all day. I push it all down, but can't stop feeling so sad inside.
A few weeks ago, she asked me what would make me happy because I have been suffering from terrible depression and all I wanted to tell her was "I want an incredible sex life while I still can", but that would open up a can of worms so terrible I actually think about how best to kill myself rather than tell her a truth that once told, will do utterly nothing to help me and likely just make things worse. So the problem must be with me right????
I am a sex crazed, degenerate who is stuck in a self loathing quagmire of self pity. I am selfish, I am mean, I am truly a piece of shit and wish I would just die so I could have my most selfish of desires which is to stop hurting physically and emotionally.
A good man, a good husband, a good lover would not feel self pity, wouldn't want more, would find a way to live a sexless marriage and be happy. If I was normal and not fucked in the head I wouldn't be having a panic attack all day day after day, night afternight because I NEED this person to give themselves to me, to crave, me, to lust after me...
I feel so fucking stuck with no where to go on this. I love my kids so I HAVE to find a way to make this work with her and be happy but idk how. If I don't, she will absolutely kick me out if I make this a problem.
I am the problem. I am the problem. I am the problem.
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2022.01.27 20:15 blackbird__98 being a circle is an unattainable physique

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2022.01.27 20:15 AtlasTelamon24 [Game Thread] #25 Ole Miss at #1 South Carolina (6 PM on ESPN)

NCAA Women's Basketball
Follow @redditNCAAW on Twitter for news and interesting tidbits around the nation!
#25 Mississippi Rebels at #1 South Carolina Gamecocks
Tip-Off: 6:00 PM ET - Thursday, January 27, 2022
Venue: Colonial Life Arena, Columbia, SC
Streams: WatchESPN, The ESPN app

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
#25 Ole Miss (17-2, 5-1 SEC)
#1 South Carolina (18-1, 6-1 SEC)
Thread Notes:

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2022.01.27 20:15 Jaffabikes Visit Jaffa Bikes for any bike upgrades you need, we stock nukeproof, unite co and many more great brands. Ig: @jaffabikes

Visit Jaffa Bikes for any bike upgrades you need, we stock nukeproof, unite co and many more great brands. Ig: @jaffabikes submitted by Jaffabikes to dhmtb [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 riktheboss waste of time

this game is a waste of time the developers do not care at all the community cares more about it then they do its been so long since a update and they really do not care this game has so much potential but they dont care
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2022.01.27 20:15 ImportantSection34 NFT DISCORD SERVER

https://discord.gg/PyHXntbN I will be grateful if you join this NFT discord server. Thank you :heart:
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2022.01.27 20:15 Aidiandada Spent money on content that I never received

Around the release of October’s patch, I bought the good vibes chest with some crystals. I got pepper out of it. However the skin never appeared in my inventory
It has been more than 3-4 months and Paladins support has been completely ignoring this. I contacted steam about this and they told me to document my communication with them.
Has anyone faced this problem? I know it’s a stupid skin but if you pay money for something then you should get it and it feels very lax and unprofessional not to communicate at all
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2022.01.27 20:15 Archidiakon The 30 years waiting requirement for the North Sea Empire is so stupid, I hate this game

I had a great run, I had Denmark, Norway, Englad, Scotland and Wales and was ready to get Canute the Greater and Blood Eagle. Even my name was Knud. I tried to get Whole of Body just to survive the 30 years.
Nope, instead, stupid factions ruined everything and killed 2 rulers in a row in a siege. I guess I can form the Noreth Sea Empire but crap like this makes me not wanna play
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2022.01.27 20:15 cloudiecreates very epic existential wayne

very epic existential wayne submitted by cloudiecreates to Hylics [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 ifrazzz47 I’m feeling confident today! 🤗

I’m feeling confident today! 🤗 submitted by ifrazzz47 to firstimpression [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 mysterysnails12 Found this cute baby pleco

Found this cute baby pleco submitted by mysterysnails12 to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 xMidnightMuffinx Anyone ever notice that Spongebob's body is outlined with yellow but his arms are outlined with black? I discovered this a week ago and I've been tripping out ever since.

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2022.01.27 20:15 grungefolker To all those involved in hillsong, bethel, elevation and all other megachurches: please stop trying to convert others, including catholic or mainline Protestants, to your “brand” of Christianity! It’s nothing but false doctrines, rape/pedophilia condoning, boring “music”, & stuck up snobs! KAPEESH?

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2022.01.27 20:15 brydon9 Satoshi kamiya's Phoenix, me, origami, 2022

Satoshi kamiya's Phoenix, me, origami, 2022 submitted by brydon9 to Art [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 ChocolateMillk LF Shiny Eggs FT Shiny eggs or ANY Shiny Pokémon

The shiny eggs not listed I have for trade, or ANY shiny Pokémon you’d like as I have a complete English shiny dex. If you’d like You can DM me and I can send a list of all the shiny eggs I have… i have over 130 different shiny eggs! Thanks in advance!
I am Looking for these specific shiny eggs in English:
Gen 1 Caterpi // weedle // rattata // spearow // ekans // pikachu // nidoran (male) // clefairy // jigglypuff // paras // venomat // diglett // meowth // mankey // tentacool // drowzee // voltorb // exeggcute // cubone // hitmonlee // hitmonchan // lickitung // chansey // goldeen // mr. Mime // jynx // electabuzz // magmar // pinsir // tauros // snorlax //
Gen 2 marill // sudowoodo // hoppip // sunkern // wooper // misdreavus // wobbuffet // Pineco // dunsparce // swinub // corsola // remoraid // mantine // skarmory // houndour // smeargle // miltank //
Gen 3 Poochyena // zigzagoon // seedot // taillow // ralts // nincada // makuhita // skitty // mawile // electrike // volbeat // illumise // roselia // carvanha // wailmer // Numel // spoink // spinda // swablu // lunatone // solrock // baltoy // kecleon // chimecho //
Gen 4 Starly // budew // burmy // mothim // buizel // shellos // chingling // bronzor // lucario // skorupi // croagunk // finneon //
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2022.01.27 20:15 SkepticDrinker Is Google using an algorithm to promote ads?

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2022.01.27 20:15 fakeplasticuterus Comic. Based on a real conversation wit my mom.

Comic. Based on a real conversation wit my mom. submitted by fakeplasticuterus to arttocope [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:15 Lireoy Ti hogyan buktatok meg az első forgalmi vizsgátokon?

Ma volt az első forgalmi vizsgám, obviously megbuktam. Utóbbi időben winning streakben voltam az életemet tekintve, és másfél éve ez az első olyan negatív kimenetelű mérföldkő jellegű dolog, ami úgymond nem sikerült elsőre. Kicsit be is tett lelkileg. Pedig életem első 20 év alatt nem pille cukor voltam.
Ti hogy buktatok meg a forgalmi vizsgátokon?
Mesélem az én esetem:
Délután 2 óra, borongós, szürke idő. Én egy alsóbb rendű útról érkeztem, egy magasabb rendű úthoz, kereszteződésben nekem stop tábla volt. Feladat: kanyarodjon balra. Elég forgalmas hely, balról, és jobbról is volt forgalom folyamatosan. Nézek balra, elfogytak, nézek jobbra, elfogytak, nézek balra-jobbra-balra, gyors egymásutánban, megint jönnek balról, ..... kb 2-3 percig itt álltam, majd úgy tűnt, hogy valóban elfogytak az autók. megnézem mind2 irányt 3x. nem láttam sehol se egy deka autót. ...indulok a kocsival. és már hallom a vizsga biztost, hogy veszi a levegőt és "fékezz!!" szóra nyitja a száját, ezzel egyidőben az oktató kuplung-satu-fék. éppen, hogy elkezdtem gurítani a kocsit... majd kb 2 másodperc múlva befordult előttem egy SZÜRKE, retkes, világítás nélküli autó, ami nem tudom hogy került oda.
Egyáltalán nem vettem észre. Kb annyira, hogy akkor regisztrálta az agyam, hogy látom, mikor már konkrét előttem volt. Mintha ott helyben spawnolt volna le. Mással volt már ilyen?, hogy konkrétan kizárta az agyad a saját tudatodból, hogy ott lenne egy kocsi?
Tanuló órás vezetésen is fordult velem elő 1-2x ilyen, és nem tudok rá magyarázatot találni, hogy mi az istentől lehet ez. Múltkor ugyanezt csináltam meg egy balra kanyarodással, csak szemből ott termett egy autó, amibe egy hajszál múlott, hogy beleforduljak.
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2022.01.27 20:15 reddlightfrmmaimi Ngl ari finna make me jizz in my pants

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2022.01.27 20:15 Kaoshornet Trump has ruined red hats fo me

Today I saw a guy on the train with a red hat and I immediately thought he was a Trump supporter. I'm not even from the US but it has became such a symbol that I associate the red hat with a specific kind of people.
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2022.01.27 20:15 pogodika Abkhazia photos collection. Beautiful places

Abkhazia photos collection. Beautiful places submitted by pogodika to NFT [link] [comments]