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2022.01.27 19:37 deewadefan Continuing Education

I passed the GC exam and settled for a CBC license because of lack of experience. It’s been over a year and I now need to do the continuing education. Does anyone have any recommendations on cheap easy courses to use? Do I actually have to sit through 14 hours or is there a shortcut to this? I have a realtors license as well and the CE is a joke. I’ve got a company I pay $20 for and they give me an open book online test that takes 20 minutes to do instead of 14 hours. Anyone have anything similar to that? Im in south Florida. Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.27 19:37 Xperson1231 So I made one side of a war way too powerful.

so I'm running a game the story is the heroes(players) where summoned to help save the kingdom of Excaliver from the evil demons. but in truth the demons are just basically a race of human that are just born strong. and they are trying to kill the humans, elves, and dwarfs because they made technology that directly drains the planet's magic and after a few more years the planet is just gonna collapse, so the demons need to kill most of the other races to stop the technology and also to replenish the planets magic. but anyway my problem is that I made the demon army really strong with a bunch of strong people on its side, and its gonna get even stronger if the heroes decide to join them, but I don't have anything for the humans to help them besides the technology do yall have any good ideas for some trump cards that they could use besides just some tanks.

TLDR: I made one side of a war too strong what should I give the other side to make it even.
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2022.01.27 19:37 kartografya lan hayır amk

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2022.01.27 19:37 Cute-Ad7147 Boulevard of broken dreams

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2022.01.27 19:37 Salty-004 Kill me

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2022.01.27 19:37 NoDakSniper Need a monitor with a stylus!

Good afternoon,

I'm just trying to get a touch screen monitor with a stylus to take exams on. I bought an Acer UT241Y that was touch screen, however, I could not get a stylus to work fluidly with it. I was using a passive stylus, and was wondering if there's anything that you guys could recommend that might have an active stylus, or atleast better precision for solving complex engineering problems.
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2022.01.27 19:37 lightmakbet not me always thinking "Can't fight this feeling" by Sophie actually goes "can't 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙙 this feeling, we should be lovers" and is about the very common experience of really wanting to like some people romantically but for some reason not being able to haha....

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2022.01.27 19:37 randomfuck21 My resolution for the “Account locked due to suspicious activity/your account will be closed”

I’ve had a Chase Freedom credit card for about 5 years with no issues. Last week I decided to open a checking account with them as I had moved and needed a new bank close by, as well as the $225 bonus they’re offering right now.
Prior to opening the account, I changed my address in my Chase account as I had moved recently. I am not sure if that is what triggered the fraud department, but within a week of opening the account I got an email notifying me that I could no longer access my account and that it would be closed. I tried logging into the app (as I still have my credit card), but my account was locked.
Thanks to suggestions made on this sub, I called the number provided 877-691-8086 and chose option 3. I was able to choose the option for them to call me back when someone was available so I didn’t have to wait on hold. I got a callback within 20 minutes or so (this was yesterday around 10am CST). After letting the rep know what was going on and that I hadn’t even used the new account yet for anything or even received the debit card in the mail, she informed me that I would need to go to a branch in person with 2 forms of ID and that they would open a new account for me, and while I was there that I could call them back to have my online account unlocked.
I went to a branch today (luckily there is one close to me) and opened a new checking account. The Chase associate said that the fraud department is very wary of accounts opened online, and that the smallest thing can tip them off to what they might consider fraudulent activity. Changing my address could’ve been the dealbreaker in my case, but I didn’t get an actual answer. The Chase associate called the fraud department on my behalf while I was there and confirmed with them that she had verified my identity as well as proof of my new address (utility bill) and they finally unlocked my account.
I know I’ve seen other posts about new accounts being locked and closed for no apparent reason, so I just wanted to share my story and hope this might help others in similar situations. Definitely open new accounts in person at a branch if it’s accessible to you.
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2022.01.27 19:37 BathingApesNFT DROP + UPVOTE | ONLY 1 STEPH CURRY APE

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2022.01.27 19:37 rickk79 F-35 in its favored elements.

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2022.01.27 19:37 ErdnaOtrebor [PROTOTYPE 3] ❗❗

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2022.01.27 19:37 LegendaryITA_Off 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😓😓😢😢😭😭

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2022.01.27 19:37 Yasherets When there's still no Ultimatum or Hard Mode

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2022.01.27 19:37 imsofreakyfishy Why idols' ages are matter when debuting a group? Where does the "younger is better" mentality come from?

I heard some K-pop companies don't want to debut older idols, I don't know how correct the information is but it is said that some companies terminate their contracts with trainees older than 19 years old. Even if it is not correct we can see people are saying "she will be too old for a new group after this temporary group disbanded, she will go solo." and I can't understand the reason I mean isn't 21-22 is young? People consider Sakura old to debut in a group who was born in 1998 (23 years old) like me and I feel like a fossil while reading those things. I don't see why debuting older idols is a problem do you know why it is considered bad?
Blackpink debuted at 19-21, Aespa debuted at 18-20, Stray kids debuted at 17-21, Irene debuted at 23 and they are doing great. I thought it was the norm, companies try to make groups' age range between 17-22 years old because those age gaps can appeal to grown adults, teens, and kids but very young idols only appeal to kids and people in their early teens. So only if there is someone who fits the group a lot they debuted younger or older trainees too. Anyways, why do you think this "younger is better" mentality came? Wouldn't late teens to early twenties be better to attract more people of different ages?
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2022.01.27 19:37 FrailFlunky99 Jeb Maguire

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2022.01.27 19:37 treescruff_ Discussion! I just posted this in the GreenPeace Volunteers Slack. I'd appreciate your input.

I have questions regarding this text some of us received, below. Can somebody please provide some background or resources regarding this line in the proposed letter to Biden? “-Prioritize solutions in accordance with the waste hierarchy, starting with reduction and reuse. Focusing on false solutions like bioplastics and recycling will not solve this problem.” Particularly the part about bio plastics. Is it because of the decomposition rate? Is it because how it perpetuates unsustainable consumer habits? Just brainstorming. Not trying to be a smart ass. I'd like to hear out elaboration.
I'm an EMT and the amount of plastic I see used in healthcare makes me sick, so naturally I brainstorm sustainable alternatives. If not plastic, and if not bioplastics like hemp or fungus, than what will replace the amount of life saving plastic equipment we use and throw away daily? As far as I know, the former doesn't decompose quick and may end up in landfill or the ocean all the same, and the latter may decompose too fast to be a viable replacement for countless people that currently depend on working with plastic products for a living. Further more, my research thus far has not confirmed that fungus that “eats plastic” can eat hemp plastic, returning it to biomass to further regenerate our dying soil and make its way back in a sustainable cycle with hemp plastic production. So if it isn't a respectable option to work with jobs that deal with plastic to support themselves and their families, or replace the plastic with bio plastics, then what is the gameplan to help these countless people struggling to survive, like what are the actual blueprints to not cede any wellbeing of the people who currently survive by working jobs with plastic? These are hard questions, and again I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I have an environmental bachelor of science and we're trained to try to solve these problems.
Here's the link from Greenpeace I'm referring to.
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2022.01.27 19:37 k4t0s40 sua dose diária de fofura
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2022.01.27 19:37 sHOvelo Started this a week ago. Tell me what you think! :D

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2022.01.27 19:37 Stephen_Procter Meditating in Daily Life

MIDL Meditation Skills 01-13 create the foundation for mindfulness of breathing up until access concentration. This is broken into three areas of training:

  1. Meditation Skills 01-03 = developing skill in softening.
  2. Meditation Skills 04-08 = developing skill in hindrances.
  3. Meditation Skills 09-13 = developing skill in samadhi.
Once you are familiar with these skills then you follow the 12 Experiential Markers for your daily mindfulness of breathing with the goal of access concentration.
Since you are meditating in daily life the meditative hindrances will be dominant because they are stirred up throughout the day. This means that you will experience periods of development of samadhi, and periods when it completely collapses. This is completely normal and part of the process of training attention. When your attention naturally stabilises then focus of developing samadhi for access concentration, when your attention collapses focus on developing insight into the meditative hindrances (16) that are present.
In regards the the meditative hindrances:
  1. Learn to recognise them.
  2. Learn to experience them in your body.
  3. Learn to soften your relationship towards them.
The process of recognising, experiencing and softening will gradually decondition them causing the hindrances to first fade then no longer arise. the cycle of development and collapse of attention when meditating within daily life will gradually come to an end. In regards to meditating in daily life to enhance your seated practice you apply the same process as in working with the 16 meditative hindrances. Learn to self observe throughout the day by:
  1. Grounding awareness in your body.
  2. Observing the sensations within your body change as a reflection of the mind.
  3. Separate out the vedana (pleasant of unpleasant feeling).
  4. Soften into your relationship towards the feeling.

The same development of insight and gradual fading of habitual patterns will then occur in daily life. In regards to Meditation Skills 17-52, these are practiced once you have developed stable unified attention in the development of access concentration. Most of the training in the beginning is concerned with developing stable attention and developing insight into and deconditioning the 16 Meditative Hindrances.
A useful map for this can be found You are also welcome to join any of the live streamed weekly classes and ask questions or share your practice during these sessions.
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2022.01.27 19:37 classicclazy wts lf runes or keys. looking to move the bases make me an offer

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2022.01.27 19:37 madison242 Migraine intensity post-Covid—any positive stories?

I’ve spent the past few years working incredibly hard to reduce my migraines via all kinds of therapies. About a year ago, I went from chronic to episodic (a very good thing!).
I’m terrified of getting Covid and being set back after making this progress. (I’m vaxxed and boosted.) I’m not worried about the acute illness, more about reports I’ve seen of people’s migraines getting worse and remaining that way long afterward.
I know that worsened migraines longterm are a possibility. But for my mental health (and I suspect that of others too!), I would love to hear from anyone whose migraines went back to their previous pattern post-Covid… or even, dare I say it, improved. Any other encouraging info is welcome too—hopeful things you’ve heard from a neurologist/practitioner, new data, etc.
Thanks, all. It’s hard out there right now.
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2022.01.27 19:37 Salomon_95 What the heck

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2022.01.27 19:37 Euphoric_Bet This season 1 scene gave me The Next Karate Kid vibes
The scene where Daniel catches Sam and Kyler in one of the classrooms was giving me TNKK vibes when Julie almost got hit by that car, and Mr. Miyagi came running outside and asking if she was okay and Julie was like, "I said I was okay!" And runs off. It kind of paralleled Sam walking away from Daniel after she says "Don't talk to me."
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2022.01.27 19:37 Nickl444 Seth Curry is the most efficient jump shooter in the NBA.

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2022.01.27 19:37 100_PERCENT_BRKB The yield curve is flattening, signaling... recession?

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