SE TX ID: Can I make Yaupin Holly (Ilex vomitoria) tea later?

2022.01.27 19:45 modern_indophilia SE TX ID: Can I make Yaupin Holly (Ilex vomitoria) tea later?

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2022.01.27 19:45 Ubermarx21 What level of pain is normal during a run especially when you’re tiring vs it being a sign of poor form / bad shoes

Towards the end of my runs I always get this burning pain in my feet - particularly on the balls. But then it’s sometimes on the oute inner sides of my feet. I was curious if this is a sign of poor form/bad shoes or is it to be expected to the extent given it largely occurs towards the end of my runs. In general, is there a way to distinguish pain from fatigue vs a sign it’s something more serious?
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2022.01.27 19:45 ThickleThePickle Trigger sensitivity for controller

I've been super annoyed at the sensitivity of the right trigger (on 360 controller) which ends up killing me so many more times then you would think. Is there a way to make it so only a full trigger pull activates diving/crouching?
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2022.01.27 19:45 No_Possibility_1665 Anyone else worried that Robinhood might go under before wallets and before we can GTFO of there?

I am worried as all hell since some people are hellbent on Robinhood getting canceled. I just want to get my wallet ASAP.
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2022.01.27 19:45 saurin212 Elon Musk called Biden a 'damp sock puppet in human form' after the president highlighted EV production by GM and Ford — but not Tesla

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2022.01.27 19:45 NotLeyana [Media] Setsubun 2022 Voice Line Translations

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2022.01.27 19:45 DamnInteresting Methuselah: oldest aquarium fish lives in San Francisco and likes belly rubs

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2022.01.27 19:45 EksSkellybur Bro. From 10 Packs, I got 3 Gustavs. I love this Game.

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2022.01.27 19:45 XushiiXushii What is it about this brush that makes me think of Joe Rogan..

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2022.01.27 19:45 socal8888 Should I migrate to google?

Here’s the question.
Main house (#1). I have nest thermostat. I use nest app just to control that.
I have second house (#2) that I want to have access to. It’s for a nest thermostat and smoke detectors. It is registered under a DIFFERENT account, on google. Other folks will have access to #2 (but not #1).
Is there a way for me to easily toggle between the two houses on my nest app?
I think I can send an invite from #2 to #1 account, and then if I am logged in to #1, I should be able to see both houses?
Or is there a better option?
And do both accounts need to be migrated to google login?
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2022.01.27 19:45 _Staying This sub is about abolishing work

This sub is about abolishing work. I, and many others here, want to abolish work. Not lower the amount hours worked, not get more benefits, not unionize, not form cooperatives, but ABOLISH WORK. While all those things would be nice, they are not the end goals. We want a work free life, and we want everyone else to have a work free life.
You may wonder how society, and life, could exist without work. Well for starters, I am not a prescriptivist, and I cannot say for sure how exactly life would look without work, but I can began to imagine. I imagine a world free from what brings most people misery in their day to day lives: work. I imagine communities, friends, and families being able to develop more deeper connections than ever before now that they have both the energy and the time to put into making those connections. I imagine the enjoyment and pleasure I would get at being able to wake up when I want to and choose what I want to do for the day instead of wasting half (or for some of us here: most) of my day working and laboring for some corporation, government, or body.
Many of you may wonder how things would get done? “How would houses be constructed without work?” You may think, or something similar. Well, one: if you had no house, and the free time to build one, I’m sure you would build one. I’m even sure your friends, family, and community would help you. Hell, you might would even find a group of people who just love to build houses so much, they would just build it for you! Also two: if you’re under the impression nothing would get done, then you have misunderstood what abolishing work means, and the theory behind it. Work does not equate to labor in anti-work theory. In its jargon, labor is (more or less) any human activity that produces value, whether tangible or intangible. Work is forced or coerced labor. For some of you, I hope now knowing this info gives you more interest in abolishing work. If you want to know more about abolishing work, anti-work theory, and what a world without work could look like, I highly encourage you to read the literature in the side bar that’s been there for quite a while, it will describe what abolishing work means better than I could do here.
Also real quick on “laziness,”: it simply does not exist. Laziness is made up to get you to be mad at those who simply have more of a work free life than you, rather than at those who are making you work (the state, capitalism, bosses, politicians, and landlords among others). I encourage you to actually read about “laziness” instead of just taking it to mean what you’ve been told your whole life. So don’t get mad at those who are “lazy” because it, again, does not exist. And also do not get mad at those who work less than you, turn that anger instead towards those who area actually making you work.
If you misunderstood that this sub is literally about abolishing work and now wish to leave this sub, I’m sorry you were misinformed, but you are free to leave. But if you’re still here and are interested in a work free life, I highly encourage you to stay, there is also some great literature (and I think videos?) in the side bar.
I also wanted to real quick add a personal story that influenced my anti-work views. My father worked 6 days a week, open to close at a car dealership. Starting from when I was about 3, to when I was 19 when he died, he did that same schedule almost every week (of course ignoring vacations and the like). He literally worked up until the day he died (he died on a Wednesday, after having got off work). And you want to know what he told me about a year before he died? That he was sad that he missed me growing up, and that he wished he could go back and do it differently. You wanna know where he spent all that time, missing me grow up? At work. If it wasn’t for work either, my father would still be alive (he was in a different state that he had to travel to for work, if it wasn’t for work, he would’ve just been at home most likely). When I think about all that he missed because of work, about all I that missed with him because of work, I get infuriated. While I am sure many of y’all’s parents are still alive, I’m sure many of you can relate to not having a parent or parents (or any other family member or friend) around often because they had to go to work. And I’m sure you hate it, I know I hated not seeing my dad more often.
So when I say I want to abolish work, I mean I want to abolish work. Not just for me, but for everybody. And if you’ve stayed around this long reading this, I hope you’ll want to abolish work with me too.
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2022.01.27 19:45 youbutummnotyou Volume 27 Cover!

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2022.01.27 19:45 CharlestheII Daughter’s 23andMe & Ancestry vs Father’s

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2022.01.27 19:45 makemeurwife the basement - share cool songs!

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2022.01.27 19:45 soetpoteter Surprise for my mum

Hey, I bought my mum a ticket to see Avatar live in vienna. it was on her birthday, so it was a perfect gift for her. sadly the concert got delayed because of covid, so I was wondering if anyone had any idea about something I could do to still make it special for her? (related to the band of course haha). I’m not into the band myself, but she’s pretty disappointed. Does anyone have any ideas? :) Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.27 19:45 Villads2002 Hash (Danmark)

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2022.01.27 19:45 InspiredNitemares 🔥Super Saiyan Workouts🔥 *Splinterlands Card Opens and NFT Giveaway in Stream*

Watch sosneakry with me on Twitch! Must be active in stream for a chance to win a Splinterlands NFT~
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2022.01.27 19:45 kamillalavoie Anyone heard of Dumpling?

A regular customer of mine sent me some info on opening up my own business with Dumpling (personal shopper). Has anyone done it or heard stories?
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2022.01.27 19:45 tarich The Great Bell of Bow

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2022.01.27 19:45 cryptobeardbs 🎉EVENT 🎉 via this Twitter Link 👇🔥

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2022.01.27 19:45 SendMePics0fYourTits I wanna hug a huge potato

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2022.01.27 19:45 pattyicevv77 Deep discount

Question for you my friends,placed a order on DD for the falcon sweep set,are they a reliable company? Will I receive my product? Thanks for your time
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2022.01.27 19:45 Tricky_Ad7760 New career

Hello guys.
I was a developer for 2 decades, including for 16 years. I quit a few years back for early retirement, but I found myself totally bored at home so I learned scala and apache spark for fun. Is that skillset enough to get some work in scala from home? Or would I need to learn kubernetes, akka, zio, cats or other tools?
Which tools are most valued with scala?
Thanks in advance for your input.
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2022.01.27 19:45 Putrid_Bid_9756 24F wants to lose virginity, but lying about being one?!

I just turned 24, 3 days ago and I'm really embarassed about being a virgin at this age. I'm not religious or anything, but I didn't care to be in a relationship and I didn't have the chance to casual have sex with someone. But now I do. I really like this co-worker and he likes me too. We really get along really well and we have things in common. We flirted for the past two months and he subtly told me that he wants to be fwb. He invited me over to his place once to "watch a movie". I want to, but I'm embarassed about being a virgin. I'm thinking about taking my own virginity and lying to him and saying that I only had sex once or twice. Is he going ti figure it out I'm lying. Having sex once is better than being a virgin... He's 22 btw and he is leaving the country for good in this summer, which is great cause I don't have time to catch feelings for him🤭
Tldr: I want to be fwb with this co worker, but I'm embarassed about being a virgin. Should I take my own virginity and say that I only had sex once or twice, or should I tell him the truth.
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2022.01.27 19:45 Lovely-Leyla Can I get a few karma for my posts?❤️‍🔥

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