why does `block in log` completely block traffice

2022.01.27 20:30 Incognito2834 why does `block in log` completely block traffice

I am using a rule set that I found online, part of which is shown below:
block in log block in log quick from no-route to any block log on $wifi from { } to any block log on $wifi from any to { } antispoof quick for { $wifi } pass out proto tcp from { $wifi } to any keep state pass out proto udp from { $wifi } to any keep state pass out proto icmp from $wifi to any keep state
Particularly, I find that block in log completely blocks traffic. However, this shouldn't be the case, because I do open up the traffic later on.
Can anybody highlight why block in log is completely blocking traffic?
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2022.01.27 20:30 -OP_pls- winter wonderland

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2022.01.27 20:30 acsoundwave Universal Basic Income survey.

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2022.01.27 20:30 EchoGarden1 Do you think I have autism?

I’ve been thinking that I may have autism for a while for I have a lot of the symptoms and relate to my autistic friend, who says I may have it. I’m trying to get evaluated by a professional soon, but I want to ask autistic people their opinions on it first. Here are my symptoms: -Issues with social things such as not knowing the right time to talk, talking too loud, oversharing, and trouble understanding tone -Avoidant of eye contact -Hyperempathy (I know for a fact I have this wether I have autism or not, I don’t know if you can have it without autism though) -I get really upset if my routine is thrown off and want to know when everything is (although I also hate routines because of my ADHD, it’s a weird contrast) -Semi-verbal episodes where I can technically talk but my mouth won’t connect to my brain and anything I try to say is just stuttering and makes no sense, usually happens when I’m tired or anxious
I also have Echolalia and Sensory Processing Disorder, which are connected to autism but don’t necessarily mean I have it.
I’d love to hear your feedback on wether you think I’m autistic or not :)
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2022.01.27 20:30 Spectrumasj Seeking nonspeaking autistic individual for panel presentation

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https://discord.gg/PyHXntbN I will be grateful if you join this NFT discord server. Thank you :heart:
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2022.01.27 20:30 jigjagboi45 Musím říct že ⚡️⚡️PŠ je velice inspirující škola, Gymnázium Lanškroun pokračuje v poselství ~ behold Duffek Prism

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2022.01.27 20:30 Venturezzz NFT Free Mints

FREE MINT CONTEST tickets Desert Clash is a stake to earn game with camels and bandits as NFTs. desert Camels are doing their best delivering goods from village to village, but will they pay their fair share of toll to stay out of the hands of the malicious bandits? You can stake your camels and bandits to get our native token, $GOLD. coin The project release date is unknown,join now and be early to the project! https://discord.gg/B52KCcgq
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2022.01.27 20:30 Mortyvawe Mendas Journey [Part VI] – Kirsa and its people

When the waves rocked by the gentle winds and the stars of the night were driven to the shores of Arthannos, one could feel a fresh breeze carrying the smell of leaves and trees. And the tall sedge could be seen in the outlet of the river named Rodo (the one that rolls). The ship mino made its way past a few early sailors who left the safe port to search for certain fish who slept the days away and they waved to the crew welcoming them to the mighty Arthonnos in a foreign tongue, their words dancing along the waves, indeed only Siffon understood a handful of words in their language and returned a greeting.
And there at port having seen them from afar a mand that might as well have sat in the king’s garden approached them. Dressed so fine and with a box that sounded with the music of coins, the man with frizzy brown hair and the following guard wielding a club came over to greet Mendas and his men at the bridge, forcing them to pay a toll, but after that they were free to stay as long as they wished.
Where were they other than in the small port village of Kisra that was situated bellow the great lagoon Tarsminás and east of Rodo. The silting of the river had driven the port far away from their protective walls of Arthonnos which surely in the past was situated by the sea. The many houses in the small port town were rather well-built and the rooftiles surely made on mass, considering their likeness and similarity across the buildings. Notably there were no public buildings, but rather the only ones which could be owned by the city was that of boathouses that were built with vaults framing massive wooden doors. Perhaps some storage houses. From what Mendas could gather most of the locals owned their own houses, shops and workshops in the area wondering where there was room for men like himself? In Dara it would have been him and men like him who owned these.
Mendas of Sylla, Siffon of Skiffos and a few others made their way north along a paved road. It was the only one of its kind. Many rocks with flat surfaces lay in an orderly fashion making walking and pulling carts between the port and city a task requiring little strength or handling. An avenue of trees skirted the road and provided shade to the weary crew with occasional openings leading down dirt paths and roads where manors and villages lay. Between them were lush fields of gold and spikes. And there at the end rising like a growing mountain was Arthonnos with its high walls and many towers, it was said to have five entrances, thus projecting its wealth and power. But having done so the city had doomed itself not only to the hostility of those upstream who despised its privileges but powerless to tear down the protective walls.
Siffon wondered about the monster that plagued the city saying that it must surely have been drawn there by their immense wealth, after all it was not entirely unheard-of beasts consuming gold and wealth. To this comment a sailor added that he had heard of scorpions who ate coins from those who’d grown greedy or gathering around hidden treasures.
On their way they met a man driving his cart in the middle of the road who the party stopped. Mendas asked him who owned the estates surrounding Arthonnos to which the man laughed saying, “It depends on who you ask, I own the one over there. See the roads and boundary walls? For each exit along this road you will find someone who owns the estate!
But what about the workers?” asked Mendas, “What about the ḥem-‘nh (servant/unfree tenants)? Or those indebted to work for their masters? About the kete-‘nh (those (servants/unfree) who lives in a house)?
Those surely dwell around all known prospering towns and cities,” said the man, “for see the many smaller wooden hut villages with the doors on the side, go and see them dwell there. Enter through the door and see them eat buns of mixed grains with broth huddled around a fireplace dug into the floor in the middle of the room.
But what is this city which lacks overseers, stewards and officials. What is a city without its king?” asked Mendas, “for if everyone is wealthy enough to own their own estate and gather such wealth, who can then be responsible for defending such properties? Who will defend the city?
What for worry you?” said the man, “we have a king and he is elected by us all! For our prosperity lay in the hands of all those who own it, and the king who is elected cannot grow old and neither his seat. We are all citizens and participate in counselling the king. But neither slave or landless can voice their concern for they own but a house and is lesser than a potter! And by our wealth we are able to equip ourselves far better than any other army
Being the son of a potter Mendas felt rather offended that those of his kin were not in this council, but he understood its principles although objecting to the system of governance. For a king was a king by divine right. But if they elected kings like the kings of Dara picked who was allowed to practice their trade in the city then surely, they should not be that prosperous? He wondered about the system of governance and his mind soundly rejected it. Such was coincidence in their location that this was possible for no functional system placed all those who owned land in the chambers of the king. The right of a citizen was not the same as the right to become an official or council kings.
Mendas looked at the man and asked “If wealth is of no issue and all if fed, how come the mighty beast we have heard about cannot be beaten?
No amount of wealth can be accumulated to beat the thing,” the man frowned, “for we feed it gold and silver as if paying a monthly ransom to a hostile neighbour, and whenever it comes back it desires more. Who can penetrate its double coat of armour? It cannot be pierced by any weapons known. Our arrows bounces, swords bent, and lances turned to splinters. And when it opened its maw to roar our towers and gates all collapsed to rubble. Any hope of subduing it is false…
Then rejoice for our party have come to vanquish it! For we bring with us mighty warriors whose weapons have grown restless and whose courage and fearless nature cannot be subdued, tell us where we can find this beast and go to your king to council in our place!
The man was hesitant at first but agreed to return with them back to the city and council with the king about their planned acts of bravery but mentioned that they surely would prepare an offering for the beast and a few dug holes for the party.
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2022.01.27 20:30 diamondboltistheshit i cant tell if this is him (blacked out his name for privacy)

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2022.01.27 20:30 XavierStone32 Is it worth it to get a truing stand

I normally get about 300+ miles per month, not including the snow covered months when I get less than a 100. I'm wondering if buying a good truing stand would be worth it or not.
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2022.01.27 20:30 cbander [H]Poker Night at the Inventory Terraforming Mars, Saints Row 2 and other games and Software [W] BATTLETECH, Empire of Sin and Offers

All Games Below are Steam Keys unless noted by it and are gotten from places Like, Humble and Fanatical in and out of Bundles.
I am not a Reseller so any game I trade for I will use on my Steam Account, so I may already have a game you have up for trade since I have allot of games on Steam.
If you have a game that is in my Want list but its selling way cheaper on re-seller sites or even steam, then please don't make a offer for it. I will pass on all unfair offers no matter what, it is not worth either persons time to do this.

** This game is no longer sold anywhere but on re-seller sites due to, being taken off steam when Telltale games went out of business. An due to that fact it never again will be sold on steam, so unless your willing to do a fair trade for what its worth on the re-seller sites. Please do not ask for it, from now on if anyone wants it they must know I will not take much less then what its worth. So if you don't want to trade for multiple games worth its value please don't waste both our time.
Software DLCs
Wanted Games
Below are just a few of the games I am looking for there are allot more so don't just think these are all I am looking for. If you have something else to trade make me a offer I will look through what you got and let you know.
I use sites other then steam to determine the current price of the game or Apps Key , I do not go by the price it is on Steam unless it is or was cheaper on Steam on a Sale.
If my game or your game has been in a bundle I do not worry about that since that doesn't mean it ever will be in a bundle again. If you come back with something like the game you have that I want has never been in a bundle and my game has been in at-least a few bundles that doesn't mean anything unless its in a bundle at the time of Trade.
If you don't think what I have asked for is a fair trade just pass on the trade.
I buy allot of bundles and sometimes there may only be a few games in the bundles I want and I have to buy a cretin tier to get those games so I from time to time will update this list when I can.
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2022.01.27 20:30 moonlightbaby222 Tips for babysitting a newborn ? Thank you :)

Hi everyone! Im 19 F & I have experience baby sitting ages 1 year to 12 years old. But im not super familiar with babysitting newborns. A family friend has asked me to babysit their 2 month old for a few hours while they go to a doctors appointment and take care of errands. I've watched the baby while the parents were there and felt very comfortable. But caring for the baby without them nearby makes me a little nervous. I guess I'm just looking for tips on babysitting a newborn for 4-6 hours without the parents there? Thank you :)!
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2022.01.27 20:30 fluffycritter Recording from the built-in cameras?

Hi, I just bought a used 2018 Leaf SL with the technology package (wraparound cameras and ProPILOT). I was wondering if there’s any way to leverage the built-in cameras to get a dashcam recording, or if I still need to add an aftermarket dashcam.
Looking forward to joining the wonderful world of EV!
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2022.01.27 20:30 TheMellowMinarchist Are there basic templates for specific monsters in hunter?

I've been reading through the book and I know the preview 2e book has a big section on various monsters but I can't seem to find basic templates for the ones I want, that being vampires, werewolves, and witches. Are there any templates specifically for those three?
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2022.01.27 20:30 nut_douglas [USA-NY] [H] Switch Special Edition Consoles (Mario, Monster Hunter), Berry Blue DualShock 4 Controller, Switch Special Edition Games (SMT V, FE 30th, Xeno1), HeartGold, SoulSilver, PS4/5 games, Switch games, CIB Ocarina of Time JPN, Amiibo [W] PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp

Looking for F&F, prices do not include shipping. Most of my stuff have sold and I'd like to get rid of the rest as well. Please make an offer, besides the consoles the prices are not firm. I dropped the price on some stuff too. Thank you for looking.

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2022.01.27 20:30 didisyourgirl Her latest blog is unhinged and insane

Read this piece of crap she published on her blog today and tell me this was written by a sane and rational person
It rambles incoherently across a wide range or racist and homophobic topics. She literally sounds like she has lost her damn mind.
Strange use of ALL CAPS sporadically. The whole things reads like the ramblings of a mad woman. Wtf is going on!!!
Adrianne Curry, Huge Racist
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2022.01.27 20:30 lisaslover Evolution is brilliant

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2022.01.27 20:30 RogueCinnamonRoll A little ahegao from a pierced babe?

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2022.01.27 20:30 Ok-Win-8552 Country Bears

At Christmas, my sister started to sing a song from the movie, Country Bears. My brother’s gf started to sing along too. She has become one of us now. Country Bears runs in our veins in this household.
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2022.01.27 20:30 LaserBlade08 Very satisfying parry

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2022.01.27 20:30 brainenfuego Newb question 46(m)

I’m about 40lbs overweight, carry it in my stomach, glutes, face. I’m 6’2”, 245lbs, haven’t worked out in years, I love carbs and sugar and coffee.
I don’t have a ton of willpower but I do have a goal, and I have a question about meal planning.
I am starting a workout plan at home. I need to hit 205 by June. I think no can be done doing OMAD and working out.
My goal is 1.7g of protein per lb of body weight. My meal plan is basically 2 grilled or baked chicken breasts, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries or baked sweet potato, 20g collagen protein shake w/mushroom superfood and creatinine added. This is once a day, around 5-6 pm. I plan on drinking green tea and as close to a gallon of water a day. 1 cheat day per week for dinner or breakfast with the family.
Is this doable? Any input is greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.27 20:30 obecasual The gay my girlfriend made me for Xmas

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2022.01.27 20:30 PickleRick8881 Mini Tour Pros.. Can anyone explain what a semi professional career looks like? What's the day to day? Do you get an off season? Do you enjoy it? Genuinely curious

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2022.01.27 20:30 ShockinglyEfficient Radeon 6700 XT has a problem with the game

It's my graphics card, and there's no fix to it. The game will stutter and lag, in all conditions, making it almost unplayable. It's really frustrating that a GPU costing upwards of $1k could just be incompatible with a game like this.
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