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Como Trabalhar com Marketing Digital pelo Celular

2022.01.27 20:36 LucasFerrazSEO Como Trabalhar com Marketing Digital pelo Celular

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2022.01.27 20:36 Glittering-Funny-220 Can I play PLA early if I switch time zones on my switch or Nintendo account?

If anyone knows, I appreciate it.
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2022.01.27 20:36 Makurukaru HELP! Lost the name of a friend I made on woods

Kinda heartbroken highkey. I’ve been playing for about three weeks solo and while on woods I met a really swell guy that showed me and one of his friends around woods. I tried writing his name down in a tab I had opened on my phone but when I went to unlock it, the search box with his name in it disappeared. Would anyone know him?
His name’s like b__sgtdeeznuts or something like that. He’s on woods a lot and by his demeanor I feel like he’s a sociable guy. If I remembered how the beginning of his name went I probs could’ve found him by now :(
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2022.01.27 20:36 Evermj Snorting 20mg oxy and feeling nothing

God damn i hate tea. Can finally get legit oxy for cheap and I can't barely feel anything from snorting a 20mg.
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2022.01.27 20:36 kaducedu Dúvida para quem usa NodeJS profissionalmente

Boa noite, minha duvida é para os devs backend que utilizam NodeJs nas empresas.
Vocês aplicam conceitos de DDD e Clean Architecture no dia a dia?
Pergunto isso por algo em específico, que é minha dificuldade de aplicar o padrão controller -> service -> repository utilizando driver nativo (postgres/mysql) e realizando raw queries. Sempre que pesquiso, encontro tutoriais /cursos de aplicação de DDD + Clean + POO (Typescript) usando ORM mas já me deparei com situações específicias (transactions, classe de entidade), que me deixam muito em duvida quando não é usado ORM.
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2022.01.27 20:36 Rainajolene Where to buy flare jeans?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows good places to buy flare jeans! It’s so hard to find good ones that aren’t too long. I’m 4’11 and usually around a size 3. Not too pricey options are preferred :)
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2022.01.27 20:36 ItzLeviosaaa Good mic sounds bad only in discord

Like the title says, I have an expensive mic and when I test the sound quality in windows it sounds really good but when I test it in discord it cuts out a lot and sounds like I'm underwater. I've tried every sound setting discord has and krisp and it only seems to make it worse. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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2022.01.27 20:36 JimmyJimJimWest Childrens chemistry

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2022.01.27 20:36 jookco dane kasschau obituary : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.27 20:36 Slickthoughtz Ummm excuse me ? Since when was Yuya purple ?

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2022.01.27 20:36 chrizuz Islo [ Beat ]

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2022.01.27 20:36 crestfallen-xanthic ⚠Trigger Warning⚠ 5w6d

I do not want to upset anyone or create emotional conflict because I know all too well how hard it is to deal with things silently. We all go through our days with our private truths, and there are just some things that we can't talk about, things that are so beyond hurtful to even think about. The last thing I want to do is cause anyone to falter on their path to healing. 💜🙏💜
⚠⚠⚠⚠ also long, vent filled and as jumbled as I am
I am 5 weeks and 6 days. I have been diagnosed with mild hemorrhaging along my uterine wall and have been instructed to bed rest. My recent blood pressure reading was 145/80, which was a sign of preeclampsia though it's extremely rare this early on. They haven't given the diagnosis but it's noted in my chart. I was also diagnosed with peptic ulcers which could have been a direct result of unsanitary water in my area. I am strictly drinking bottled and spring now.
I do not drink coffee, pop or tea. Nor do I eat an excess of sweets or junk food. I am a dark chocolate lover and this accounts for the majority of my sweets intake. I eat very, very healthy. Steamed veggies, fruits, sugar free oatmeal (with and without fruit), boiled eggs, rice and bread account for 99% of my meals. The other percent is chicken sporadically and maybe some fish but that is genuinely it.
I have lost 25lbs in 2 months without probable cause. I went from 151 to 132. I gained to 141lbs and dropped to 135 again during my last visit. I am not throwing up and I haven't been instructed to change my diet because it's pretty solid on all fronts. My hair is falling out. My GI doctor explicitly told me that they don't treat pregnant women and refused to treat me with the proton pump & other medicine. I was told to come back after I had the baby, which IMO is absolute horseshit.
I was given pepcid which can be used to treat GI issues and is safe for pregnancy. This was a relief and during my next visit we will be reestablishing medicine. In my area, they've never had a pregnant woman with ulcerative issues before. I have stomach pain throughout my entire day. I was instructed to eat 5 small meals a day and eat crackers hourly to prevent another bleed in my small intestine. I had trace amounts in December but this healed on its own without requiring surgery.
I also have a compressed sciatic nerve and refused medicine because I wasn't comfortable with taking muscle relaxers. This has made it hard to hold my pee, stand solidly or do a multitude of things. The ulcers cause my back and shoulders to hurt, I have pins and needles throughout the majority of my day, now from my shoulders to my toes. My stomach always hurts, from my ribs to my pelvis.
I am in a state of discomfort all day and it even wakes me up at night. I was given nausea medicine to take at night, which is supposed to prevent morning sickness. The issue is, the past 2 mornings I have felt like I was on the verge of puking my guts up. It took everything in me to not to. I am terrified of puking because I have a weakening esophagus due to acid reflux and heartburn caused by the ulcer. I eat bread when I wake up and it's so hard to swallow something down when all my body wants to do is puke it up.
I'm just sick all the time. I feel sick all day every day, I feel pain all day, every day. I have had 5 ultrasounds and the worst part of it is the feeling of dread each and every single time. I want to cry hearing my babys heartbeat because I don't know how much longer I will be able to hear that miraculous sound.
This isn't my first baby. I've had one miscarriage in the past and it was the absolute darkest time in my life. I spiraled into such a deep depression, I still don't know if I ever managed to crawl out of it. I feel like I am a walking trigger to myself now. How can I avoid my own self?
My children are my everything. If ever I was good at something, it would be my ability to be a good mom. I was told that it would be extremely challenging should we TTC.
This baby was created with the utmost love. We weren't expecting this but our family was ecstatic. My children got home from school last week and I wasn't there, I'd been admitted into the hospital. They found out I was hiding the worst of my symptoms from them and when they realized how serious it was, they just... they look at me with concern now. I talk about the baby and they look so devastated and they don't even know about the issues on that front.
I feel lost. I feel hopeless. My SO looks at me with concern, and I know that concern comes from a place of love but it isn't the love that I want or need. My children talk to me like I'm breakable now. They're walking on eggshells around me for no reason. I want them to be hyper, happy, carefree. We have went through so much as a family. 2 natural disasters, displacement, loss. I want the happiness back. Even if it was built on my lie that everything is fine, I want it back. I want them to argue with each other again instead of me hearing,
"mom can't take this, let's just stop."
Their happy is now the sum of sadness and it's breaking my heart.
And I know, any parent wants their children to get along and not fight. I'm the parent that knows arguing and disagreements are apart of growing up and they need to learn how to manage and resolve these arguments. When they full stop out of fear for me, they aren't actually problem solving or handling the situation. They sit and simmer and the issues remain largely unresolved. Even if I poke and prod, they lie to me like I lied to them and say, "it's okay, we're fine, don't worry."
Idk if you've noticed but I am a big thinker. I studied anthropology and enjoyed learning about societal structures, cultures, and how they shaped civilizations. From archaeology to agriculture to the deeper foundations of society and parenting. There is no thinking small for me. Where normal people don't pay close attention to body cues or personalities, I do. I see it in a way that comes naturally. There's no off switch. I can't pretend I don't see what's in front of me.
I can't sit and watch them change themselves because they think it's helping me. It isn't. All I want is our family to have structure and hope again. We've lost so much. We lost everything except each other. It took a year for my daughter to stop putting her clothes away in a suitcase, a habit picked up when Red Cross relocated us every week for almost a year.
My son keeps telling me that he's worried about me because I haven't gotten up in a while. I get up and he's worried about me because I'm up. He's just so confused on how he's supposed to feel. I'm usually up on my feet, playing music, dancing, joking, shooting off questions or answering my sons super wild ones. He asks things like "if there's a sea why is there an ocean?" or "is it normal to feel air in your nose?" Or "does your brain know it's a brain?" Like, kids got a lot of questions and it leaves us talking for hours.
Now it's just quiet. It's just sad and quiet and I have no choice but to rest as much as I can, which only makes this more of a reality. I guess for someone who loves reality, I've sure been running away from it. I created an illusion for them that's broken and I can't fix it.
I know this turned into a whole vent and I'm sorry it's so long. I just needed to vent and express myself in a safe place because I can't keep living with this silently.
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2022.01.27 20:36 TheDeathSloth Where are Ascendant Anchors this week?

I'm trying to finish the Wayfinder's Voyage and I need Parallax Trajectory from Ascendant Anchors but I went back to Trostland where they used to be and aren't there, so I Googled it and everything coming up is most recently from last year. Can someone help me out here?
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2022.01.27 20:36 Mekalbod13579 MUUUSIC MAAAN!!!!

MUUUSIC MAAAN!!!! I made a Desmos thingy. It says MUUUSIC MAAAN!!! in the Dwarvish script from DnD.
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2022.01.27 20:36 Circle-O-Willis I wonder why my rug isn’t sitting flat..

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2022.01.27 20:36 whalehale Thanks, I hate rat case complete with butthole sharpener

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2022.01.27 20:36 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.27 20:36 jae_young Can anybody give some insight?

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2022.01.27 20:36 ftak15 Is this English as a second language class?

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2022.01.27 20:36 Ok_Butterscotch3653 Today I (24 M) found out that my GF (25 F) has been doing drugs behind my back for at least 7 months

Hello Reddit, it's my first post here but I wanted to get an unbiased point of view, and mabye some help..
I'll start by pointing out that we've been distant for a month as of today, for a recurring problem, basically in the past months we did not spend a lot of time togheter, because she always told me she was tired, or feeling sick or whatever..
Today, after a while, my GF's aunt that lives with, her talked to me and se said that she has basically admitted to her, even tough not outright, that she has been doing something wrong, by her assumption she's been doing crack.
By putting 2 and 2 togheter I now am starting to see the reason for some of her actions (She at a point was asking for Money almost 3 times a week, she's been lying to me about going to sleep early but then waking up at 2 PM, etc.)
An important detail Is that both her mother and father are past addicts, at this point i strongly suggest that they still are
You might say: "How can you love someone like that" but in our relationship she's always been completely different than how she Is around her family, i've loved her a lot for what she showed me, but now i don't know what to do...I'd like It a lot if someone could give me some advice.
Thanks, and sorry for being long
TL,DR: My girlfriend has been doing drugs and lying behind my back, now she's keeping me distant and i'm conflicted on what to do, because i still care about her.
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2022.01.27 20:36 One_Boss_8253 A song I made with visuals I think you guys will appreciate! A lot more like this on my channel as well consider checking it out! Much love

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2022.01.27 20:36 chickendimmer Sadly not surprising.

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2022.01.27 20:36 JAC_40 Well you Magnificent Bastards I can say that this is magnificent. The next pour will be for something special but I had to try it. The Rye really caught my attention on this one and I am very partial to my Ryes.

Well you Magnificent Bastards I can say that this is magnificent. The next pour will be for something special but I had to try it. The Rye really caught my attention on this one and I am very partial to my Ryes. submitted by JAC_40 to WhiskeyTribe [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:36 ImportantWhereas1306 Nali_Altair1 is about to begin streaming the horror game “Detention” on twitch. Scary game, great new streamer!

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2022.01.27 20:36 LSF_repostBot Definitely needs a buff

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