*This is my replica of someone else's art I could not find the owner.*

2021.12.05 18:35 WillowPanther *This is my replica of someone else's art I could not find the owner.*

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2021.12.05 18:35 RavenWest_MSports Why was the 2011 and AK105 removed in the COOP version? Tried looking through the change notes but might’ve missed it... Just curious!

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2021.12.05 18:35 WhiteWolf5305 So this is the customer I just had

I just had a customer come in for a disposable vape. Picked her flavor and I rang it up, easy right? Nope. I ask for her id and she says she doesn't have it. She tries to persuade me that I don't need to check her id because she comes in all the time and its another guy that usually serves her so that's why she didn't bring her id. I firmly explained that even though an employee that sees you a lot stops checking your id, you still have to be prepared for that employee that hasn't seen you yet. She keeps pleading and insisting that I sell it to her simply because one of my co workers sees her all the time. This may be true but I can't just take her word for it, I mean any underage person could just walk in and say the same thing to get vapes.
She eventually comes back with the id and I sell her the vape. Then she asked me a question, "What are these?" She was pointing to the jar of disposable vapes we have on clearance. I tell her they're disposable vapes and they're only $5. She then asks "What are they?" This really confused me considering she just bought one. I tell her it's a disposable vape, she asked "What is that?" I simply tell her it's what she just bought. Then she asked if they were on sale because they were already used. Ummm what?!
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2021.12.05 18:35 Plastic_Horse_118 streamer is so smart

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2021.12.05 18:35 Mr__Sophistication Need help for a Shakespeare essay!

Hey wonderful Shakespeare lovers,
I hope you’re all doing well. So, this year has been total shit. In the past two weeks I have been diagnosed with ADHD and also just got prescribed antidepressants for the first time. Needless to say, this year has been a shit show.
I am in a Shakespeare class and it is literally impossible to stay focused and get through any plays we’ve been assigned. It’s not that I don’t like they plays because I really do (Twelfth Night is one that I managed to get through the most and I enjoyed it). But I can’t go more than 2 pages without my mind going someplace else and it’s incredibly exhausting to keep refocusing my mind. I tried the audio librovox recordings too but same thing I can’t get through it without my mind wandering every 2 minutes. It’s seriously debilitating.
Anyways, now that you know why I need the help of you fine, wonderful Shakespeare lovers, here is what I need help on.
The essay topic I have decided on is the role of disguise in "Twelfth Night" and "Measure for Measure." Any suggestions on where i should look in each play for quotes, evidence, any scenes that demonstrate the role of identity in either of these plays?
Any information, any insight, any help, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.05 18:35 HockeyDuckSick Penasquitos Creek Waterfall

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2021.12.05 18:35 qquackie If you could do one thing right now with the guarantee that it will have no negative consequences, what would it be?

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2021.12.05 18:35 deanssieee Lex Gielen: An Inspiring Story Of The Gielen Group

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2021.12.05 18:35 heinaga1989 Could a DeFi platform steal non-staked crypto from your wallet?

I'm trying to better understand the risk of investing on less-reputable DeFi platforms.
Say you're connecting your wallet to a potentially-shady DeFi platform like one of the many clones of OlympusDAO, but you haven't researched it super well, so it might end up being a rug pull.
I know that a typical bad scenario is that the group behind that platform could walk away with any crypto you've staked there.
But, is it also possible for them to steal other crypto from your wallet that you have not staked in their platform? Even with my Ledger, I know that I don't pay close attention to what I'm actually confirming each time I ok a transaction, and sometimes a transaction seems to be requesting unlimited access to ETH.
So, how worried should I be about DeFi platforms? Are you only risking what you specifically stake/farm, or are you rising everything on your wallet and should thus use a totally separate wallet for riskier platforms?
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2021.12.05 18:35 bachmannvfg 👑 MidasDAO has just been stealthily launched! 📈 Insane high APY 📈 Rebase every 8 hours - earn money by staking 🔥 Buy CROWN at a discount thanks to BONDING 🔥

👑 MidasDAO is a fork of Olympus on the Avalanche Network enhanced by the described stages of development, which will bring more and more income over time. Consider it as Olympus on steroids, with a steady flow of revenues from the Metaverse, P2E gaming, yield aggregators, interest bearing tokens & other investments.
$CROWN is a decentralized reserve currency based on bonding and POL concept introduced by Olympus DAO, where community is formed when everyone bonds (mints) the underlying assets into a common reserve currency, creating a strong “bonding” for the whole community.
In accordance with this idea each #CROWN token is backed by a basket of assets (MIM, CROWN-MIM LP etc) and other assets acquired during the second stage of project development, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below.
⭐ No insiders. No VCs. No Private Sales. ⭐ Doxxed Team ⭐ > $5,000,000 TVL ⭐ > $10,000,000 Market Cap ⭐ Mint ROI 70% in 5 Days
This is your chance to be a part of the industry's biggest revolution! 💸 Start Staking and earn Massive APY 💸
$CROWN is now available on Avalanche; purchase it at https://traderjoexyz.com/#/trade
Ape safely into MidasDAO's safe haven 🔥
Chart https://dexscreener.com/avalanche/0x3f0DE4Ec592e4376aA6925C3B3dc33D5ffBCDcc3 Discord https://discord.gg/pdM4SqQZSB Twitter https://twitter.com/Midas_DAO Website https://midasdao.xyz/
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2021.12.05 18:35 sirjohnkirby New Salon Job Opening In Hershey, PA, USA

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2021.12.05 18:35 alecofficial Join the r/TaylorSwiftVinyl Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 18:35 TorbyTorb1 Can somebody help me explain how to do this problem?

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2021.12.05 18:35 Safely2moon Can anyone help Bitmart to recover their losses? Like Binance if transactions are going through them or any other similar platform...surely, these thieves have to go through somewhere to cash out, haven't they?

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2021.12.05 18:35 No-Excitement-9062 asbestos flavored snow

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2021.12.05 18:35 BakedCheddar88 I finally got a new job!

Last update here
So after that last fiasco I had stopped applying for jobs for awhile and had just resigned to being stuck at my current shitty job. One night about a month ago, I was bored and decided to look on LinkedIn, because apparently that’s what people do lol. Anyway, I find this one posting that sounds very similar to what I’m currently doing but for a smaller organization. So I apply just for the hell of it and they reach out instantly. We schedule an interview with the lead and the job sounds alright, nothing too fancy but hey, I hate my job so I figured I should maintain communication. I have a second interview with the supervisor and she sells the job much differently, in fact it’s everything I wish I could do at my current job. So I finish the interview, and it doesn’t sink in how well I did, plus after that last experience I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
The recruiter calls me back, offers me the job at the rate I wanted, and I’ll be putting in my notice as soon as I log in tomorrow 😤 I appreciate everyone on this sub who have read my previous posts and let me vent. Hopefully things will turn out better with this new job and I won have to post again lol.
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2021.12.05 18:35 islamicbathbomb Dynasty Warriors 4 PC

I used to play DW4 years ago on PS2 and would love to play it on my pc. I don't have a disc drive and I'm vaguely aware of DW4 being on pc, so how can I get the game on my pc? My system is windows 10 and I'm just trying to avoid getting a virus and such.
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2021.12.05 18:35 Dear_Reflection2635 JOIN QUICK

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2021.12.05 18:35 justlivimgnt [m4m] 21 m college boy looking to give head to straight guys or gay tops, probably more 👀

Not looking for tonight, but eventually we can meet up after chatting for a bit ;) No flakes. Also must be clean and no hard drugs. I love cock & love pleasuring guys or the bros hehe. No recip. We can be friends and you can hit me up whenever u need good head. if you want to fuck we can experiment that ;) If you're dl, ur safe. Drama free here, plus there's no point in exposing anyone, that's your life & idc but to pleasure u & have young fun 🤤 i promise i'm genuine & fun hahaha 😝
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2021.12.05 18:35 rp_tenor VIN Assigned!!

Email asking for final payment and VIN on final agreement.
EDD: Dec 6-18
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2021.12.05 18:35 bonsaie Noticed my left testicle grew bigger, has this happened to anyone else?

A few months ago, I realized that my left testicle was noticeably larger than my right, it was and still is very firm and has not changed size in these months. My right testicle seems arguably smaller than it used to be, but I might just forget what size it was before.
There is no pain and no lumps in my testicles, but I've had chronic back pain for over a year now, but I don't know if they are related.
I've neglected going to the doctor because I procrastinate, but I have an appointment in two weeks.
I have only ever found two posts about someones testicle growing without pain, so if someone can relate kindly let me know.
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2021.12.05 18:35 joebiden2023 Add me!!! 0502 7235 1394

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2021.12.05 18:35 SteezoMcGeeza Mostly for your electronic needs, but in the end there's no rules. Fresh releases and old (overlooked) gems, trying to catch the contemporary underground electronic scene. Heard in clubs or dug through the internet. Based in Amsterdam, we got a good thing going.

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2021.12.05 18:35 kolonowski Which laptop is better?

Asus ROG Strix G15 5800H RTX3070 (G513QR-HF010) OR Acer Helios 10870H rtx3070 (NH.QATEH.005 )
I have an opportunity to buy one of those laptops (at pretty much the same price), however I still can't decide which one will be better for gaming and work. I have seen ryzen 7 5800H outperform i7 108750H in tests, BUT it's probably because base clock speed of 5800H is higher than the one of 108750H ( 3.2GHz vs 2.20 GHz ) ? Do you guys have any experience with any of those laptops?
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2021.12.05 18:35 JCFAX81 Novation Circuit Rhythm | The Rhythm Section | 01

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