🦸SuperBNB🦸 The #1 superhero of the BSC | 430K MC x20 potential | Get 5% rewards in BNB | Win A Lamborghini | Anthem just released | Launched 5 days ago 💎

2021.12.05 18:31 BasedDharma 🦸SuperBNB🦸 The #1 superhero of the BSC | 430K MC x20 potential | Get 5% rewards in BNB | Win A Lamborghini | Anthem just released | Launched 5 days ago 💎

$SuperBNB is a reflection token, a part of every transaction is used to distribute back to the investors, and another part is converted into liquidity for Pancakeswap. This mechanism is focused on the motive of building the community strong together. 💎
🦸 Official Anthem just released 🦸
The song is very cool and funny!
🦸 SuperGiveaway 🦸
The team also planned a big giveaway that will break the internet and go viral with a Lamborghini as the biggest prize! 🏎️
Indeed, once $SPB reach the total transactions volume required for each prize, every participants will get the chance to win:
⚡ A Lamborghini wrapped in the color of your choice - Starting at 50M$ total $SPB volume
⚡ A Tesla Model 3 - Starting at 30M$ total $SPB volume
⚡ 100,000 BUSD - Starting at 15M$ total $SPB volume
⚡ 10 PS5 - Starting at 7.5M$ total $SPB volume
⚡ 10 iPhone 13 - Starting at 3M5$ total $SPB volume
All the informations about the giveaway are here https://twitter.com/SuperBNBcoin/status/1466382956809883650
🦸 SuperNomics 🦸
⚡5% Rewards
⚡5% Marketing
⚡3% AutoLiquidity
⚡2% Development
▶️ Join us now https://t.me/superbnbgroup
Important links:
▶️ https://superbnb.finance
▶️ https://bscscan.com/token/0x4B8f0bc4e86Ea14b0c22d356Af927bd7A43aC2c6
▶️ https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explore0x4B8f0bc4e86Ea14b0c22d356Af927bd7A43aC2c6
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2021.12.05 18:31 1000000students Idaho Republican Melts Down Over Year-Old Hershey’s Ad With Black Family

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2021.12.05 18:31 iamfromtwitter Jayd error after update

after i updated to 15.1.1 this shortcut to download youtube videos isnt working properly.
it works once then in the middle of the next video it hangs itself up when i close everything and run again nothing happens. when i reinstall the shortcut nothing changes but after i restart my phone it works again for one video.
How to fix this and has anybody the same error?
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2021.12.05 18:31 xiaoslayer2525 Hey can someone clarify? Had the wage subsidy ended ?

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2021.12.05 18:31 asangrefriaXX vía jamie (ig)

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2021.12.05 18:31 Senju___Uchiha Let's get all lions games on CBS

Fox is bad for the lions! I just realized that we need to play on a different network!!
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2021.12.05 18:31 luwaonline1 Crypto endgame?

So nothing to do with Avengers… Sorry if this has been asked loads of times before or brings about eye rolls, but what’s crypto’s endgame?
I understand the benefits like lower transaction fees for exchanging money online, increased protection from theft (if using a cold wallet), recorded transactions, cutting out the middle man (banks) yada, yada, yada, but what happens if and when there’s a full adoption of crypto?
Will banks become crypto banks with their own coins? (e.g. HSBCcoin shudders)? Will reserve banks and central banks cease to exist? Will governments be replaced by CEX or telecom companies that can manage digital wallets? Do exchanges just turn into banks as we know it now and tank APY when there’s mass adoption?
This was a bit of a shower thought, but was interested in the community’s thoughts. Where are we heading? What’s the ideal scenario?
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2021.12.05 18:31 wonhoppa 211204 Kihyun UNIVERSE Update

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2021.12.05 18:31 louisly Played around with the AI Image generator everyone's using rn. Some of The Midnight's songs turned out real nice

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2021.12.05 18:31 toffeemuffn I made jerk chicken with rice, black beans, plantains and a mango salsa.

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2021.12.05 18:31 Skullzi_TV Bethesda News - ALIENS Discovered in STARFIELD?!

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2021.12.05 18:31 rodentfacedisorder PIC

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2021.12.05 18:31 EmiProjectsYT If you could change your Reddit username, what would you change it to?

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2021.12.05 18:31 britterin329 San Francisco

I forgot how much I loved this season. I think the roommates (except for Puck, obviously) had such a tight bond. But damn I just want to give Cory a wig… her hair is just fucking awful. She’s a cute girl but her hair never looks brushed, styled, anything. 😩
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2021.12.05 18:31 Aqquila89 Governors Awards, 2012

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2021.12.05 18:31 Snubbyloony Robotic Surgery in the US

What is the reason that Robotic surgery is not widely available in the US for a thyroidectomy in Thyroid cancer cases ?. The technique is used with great success in South Korea and India. So why is it not available in the US despite the US being a much more developed and wealthier nation with the best doctors ?.
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2021.12.05 18:31 Whoami-WaI Muslim women clothing!

I've been making an ancestral sims savefile and decided to begin with the Calientes. Getting into making Benazir Al Mahmoud, I've realised how little clothing options are out there available for Muslim women — I want to make her stylish (as she has a high fashion interest in sims 2), but I literally can't find anything cute for her wear while not showing part of her forearms and shins! Do you know of any cute outfits that fits the criteria?
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2021.12.05 18:31 Kyliesfeettt would you pull out?

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2021.12.05 18:31 Business-Ebb4234 Sackboy in a different art style holding a cupcake

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2021.12.05 18:31 ZedFlex MK-677 cycle length?

I’m currently running 7.5mg Rad-140, 15mg MK-677, and 7.5mg GW-1516 for about 10 weeks on a bulk. I’m planning to cycle off and run PCT for 8 weeks or so and then cycle back on in the spring during a cut.
I’m really feeling the MK-677. The thickness and growth is obvious about 4 weeks into the cycle and the deep sleep recovery benefit is great. I’ve read that MK isn’t a true sarm and it can been run for longer cycles without the need for PCT. Is this accurate? I’d love to keep running both the MK and GW in between my Rad cycles. Anyone have experience with something like this?
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2021.12.05 18:31 floshmlosh Anime Vakit Kaybıdır

ters düz boş yapmadan direk konuya giriyorum 1000+ anime izlemiş biri olarak son 2 yıldır hiç bir şekilde anime izlemiyorum %99.99 u klişelerden ibaret ve çöp iyi olan belki 20 belki 30 anime zar zor vardır vakit kaybıdır siktirin gidin anime izleyeceğinize adam akıllı bir roman okuyun roman bayar diyorsanız gidin conan öyküleri tarzı fantastik öyküler okuyun ama anime izlemeyin aq yani şu açıdan bakın shounenlerin %99 u komedi temasıyla karışık aksiyon türünde gidiyor hikayleri desen yarakkul kürek ortaokul çocuğunun yazabileceği şeyler şakaların %90 ı da bok gibi cinsel mizah e ozaman niye izliyorsunuz (şimdi alttan bir aptal orospu diyecek aot öyle mii hüü vagabond öyle mi ananın amı öyle tamam mı vagabond iyi de aotun ki kadar aptalca bir hikaye okumamıştım)
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2021.12.05 18:31 Tyler1243 What is the light beer that most encapsulates the spirit of the Bills?

I plan on finishing out the season by watching with my hardcore bills fan Grandpa. I figured I would stock up on a light beer.
What light beer, when cracked, provides the most energy to the Buffalo Bills?
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2021.12.05 18:31 AllanSnackbar69 Help…

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2021.12.05 18:31 feedmeneon Frosty on Sexual Assault Allegations

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2021.12.05 18:31 Camctrail If you just bought a brand new house, but were only allowed a budget of $500 for interior decoration, what would you get?

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