Tax reporting software for cryptocurrencies (preferably has a mobile app)

2021.12.05 17:31 manika456 Tax reporting software for cryptocurrencies (preferably has a mobile app)

I am looking for a crypto manager (one place to get an overview of all exchanges and wallet) + crypto tax report. Looking into now but they don't have a mobile app. I also have been using and but seems like they don't generate a Danish tax report. Do you have any recommendations?
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2021.12.05 17:31 Reginald_NFFC Nuzlocke Layout

(delete if not allowed)
Hi, Im a young graphic designer and just wanna know if you guys think this is any good, not for a client just doing it for myself.
Any tips to make it better just let me know :)

Also trying to get my name out there so willing to do some freebies if anyone wants
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2021.12.05 17:31 Revolutionary-Log681 Serum?

Does a serum actually help? I went to a spa and they recommended: serum, moisturizer and spf. They said use serum and then put on the moisturizer and spf. It seems a bit much. Will serum help? Or is this a sales tactic? I’m asking because serum is expensive. And I did buy it to try it, but then I lost it. So. Now deciding if it really helps and if I really want to spend the money. If anyone has advice please let me know. Thanks.
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2021.12.05 17:31 Schwiliinker Fight you’d like to see the most?

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2021.12.05 17:31 TheSolarElite This Wildling really had quite the Adventure huh

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2021.12.05 17:31 jookco Death - Dead - Obituary - Accident : Deputies investigating death of 83-year-old woman - KETV Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.05 17:31 reclaimhate What are some movies that made you want to watch them again IMMEDIATELY??

There are some movies that are so intriguing, or layered, or mind bending, or exciting, or fun that you just want to watch them again right away. A couple that come to mind for me are Memento and Fight Club. Memento I had rented on DVD, and I indeed watched it again right away. Fight Club I saw in the theater and I felt like sneaking in to the next showing to watch it again. Of course, it's not always a crazy twist that makes you want to re-live the experience. After watching the European cut of Once Upon A Time In America, I was so impressed and moved by the film, I immediately watched it again, and it's almost 4 HOURS LONG! It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but some movies are just magic that way. So what are some movies that, after you watched them, all you wanted to do was WATCH IT AGAIN !??
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2021.12.05 17:31 Plural_Pupici Lie on this form

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2021.12.05 17:31 Slappyrad Piistol Star (Gravity Heals) - Chapter 1 of 2 (Part VI of Out Of This World) - Slappyrad

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2021.12.05 17:31 gigalit98 Women who enjoy dating older men should tell reddit to shut the F up

As a 23 year old dude who will be dating 18-20 year olds well into my 30's. I look around reddit and all you see is people shaming older men for liking younger women. ''ummmm power imbalance'' and they consider the male a closet pedophile who is dangling money over your head or something.
As a 23 year old dude who also dated a woman who was 37 when I was 18....the only power imbalance was the vast sexual experience she had against mine. She was and is a university professor and in no point she abused me and was very ethical.
Women constantly are vocal about liking older men and when those men reciprocate society then goes and calls the man pedophile and this is so dumb.
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2021.12.05 17:31 WolfilaTotilaAttila The gaming press as always on the side of the disgruntled consumer, oh wait...

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2021.12.05 17:31 UncrustabIes Did the devs put any thought into the map crait?

like really? a big open area for the first phase.
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2021.12.05 17:31 Brief_Drama_8429 What is your favorite color?

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2021.12.05 17:31 UnicornGrowBags A more aesthetically pleasing Unicorn reference chart, complete with sizes of some of the most common contaminants. UNICORN20 for 20% off at the outlet until the end of the year.

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2021.12.05 17:31 DizRabbit anyone else’s sliding not working or is it just me and my duo??

whenever i try slide it just doesn’t work, is this happening for anyone else?
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2021.12.05 17:31 LittleMonito My Logitech G733 has choppy sound

It started happening today, I reinstalled the GHub (once again...) but this is bothering me way too much, does anyone have an idea what can be causing it?
It sounds okay, then stops and "restart" itself and then keep making sounds
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2021.12.05 17:31 MasterMkk What is the best way to earn XP in creative, and what maps do you recommend ?

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2021.12.05 17:31 AmazingMrFell My life is being plagiarized

Who the fuck is this cave guy and why is he writing a song about me and getting all the credit while my album has only sold max 10 copies? This is just blatant false information about my life! Oh, like I just made a divine lyre out of some glue and wire! And then violently slaughtered animals and made Euridyce's eyes pop out and tongue go through her throat?! This cave man is just sadistic! And then this: "And she said to Orpheus If you play that fucking thing down here I'll stick it up your orifice" I mean I know we ended on a bad note, but Euridyce would never say such a crass thing like that! Maybe Themis can help me sue for defamation or something because this an affront to her name and mine! Gods am I really just "that guy who blew it at saving Euridyce" to everyone?
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2021.12.05 17:31 14_Jacket_14 LF: Zacian w/ rusted sword (permatrade), Sword Fossils, Crown Tundra Sword Legendaries FT: Apriballs, Masterballs, Zamazenta w/ Rusted Shield, Shield Crown Tundra Legends

Hi, I need the following pokemon for PERMATRADE (no nicknames please):
Zacian w/ Rusted Sword Dialga Groudon Ho-Oh Latios Reshiram Solgaleo Tornadus Xerneas
I also need 2x Fossilized Dino and 1x Fossilized Bird
I am offering (rates negotiable):
Zamazenta w/ rusted shield Yveltal Zekrom Kyogre Lugia Lunala Thundurus Palkia Latias
Fossilized Fish Fossilized Drake
2x Gold Bottle Cap 1x Ability Patch
1x Friend Ball 1x Lure Ball 1x Level Ball 1x Heavy Ball 1x Love Ball 1x Moon Ball 1x Dream Ball 1x Beast Ball 2x Master Ball
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2021.12.05 17:31 red_wing_2121 Just ordered my R1S! Forest Green on Forest Edge!

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2021.12.05 17:31 Luka-the-Pooka The Jackal/Wolf in Ancient Egypt

The Jackal/Wolf in Ancient Egypt Egyptian Name: Iwiw, Inpw, Oau, or Wenesh ("Howler" or "Wailer")
At first, the Egyptian Jackal (Canis aureus lupaster) was thought to be a variant of the Golden Jackal. But new genetic research finds that the Egyptian Jackal is not a jackal at all, but instead Africa’s only member of the wolf family. Now the animal is properly classified as the African Wolf (Canis lupus lupaster.) Since both canines are so similar, however, proper identification of which one using ancient Egyptian artwork and writings is virtually impossible. For my own personal ease, I will refer to the African Wolf as “jackal” and not difference between the African Wolf and the Golden Jackal.
For the ancient Egyptians, the jackal was deeply steeped in mythology, and was held to be a sacred creature. Since jackals often haunted the edges of the desert, especially near the cemeteries where the dead were buried, they were thought to be guardians of the dead. Reports of jackals prowling about tombs are commonly mentioned in literature, and Petrie is quoted as saying "The guides to the Egyptian tombs are the jackal trails." In fact, it is thought that the ancient Egyptians first began the practice of making elaborate graves and tombs to protect the dead from desecration by jackals.
The jackal was associated with the funerary god Anubis, and to a lesser extent the gods Wepwawet and Duamutef. The jackal-god Anubis was one of the most important of the Egyptian deities, the one who embalmed the bodies of the dead and led them to the afterlife. Anubis was the guardian of the body of the god Osiris, and jackals guided the goddess Isis in her search for her husband's body, and protected her from wild beasts.
Jackals were thought to wander dark and lonely places, helping souls that had lost their way to the land of the dead. Jackals were believed to lead the deceased through the Duat - a hymn states that "Anubis know the roads to the beautiful West." According to the Book of Gates, twelve jackal-headed deities guarded the Sea of Life in the Duat, and four jackals towed the boat of the sun-god Ra. Priests wore jackal-headed masks during the holy rite of mummification, and when collecting fees for funerals and offerings to the dead.
The howling of jackals was taken to be an announcement of a death. Sometimes the deceased king was thought to change into a jackal in order to journey through the Duat - the pharaoh was said to enter his pyramid "like Anubis on his belly" and use the jackal's senses and speed in order to safely navigate the way to Sehet Aaru. Jackal amulets were buried with the dead.
As divine creatures, jackals were sometimes mummified and are often shown wearing red ribbon collars or the Sa Sign, and holding the Flail or the Sekhem Scepter. The Was Scepter sometimes featured a jackal head. Although jackals are typically tan in color, in Egyptian art they are mainly shown colored black. To the Egyptians black was the color of regeneration, death, and the night. In rare instances jackals were kept as pets, such as the one owned by the royal scribe Nhihu.
An oft-repeated story attends the discovery of the Pyramid Texts, after they had lain in darkness for 4,000 years, entirely forgotten. In the 1880's a worker employed in the evacuations of Saqqara was walking in the pyramid field as dusk fell. He noticed a jackal walking along the debris of a collapsed pyramid. He was intrigued, for it was unusual to see a jackal alone and in that part of Saqqara, and since the creature seemed not to be apprehensive of a human presence; indeed, it seemed to rather invite observation.
The animal disappeared suddenly, and the man guessed that it must have entered a cavity in the ground, with which the surface of the pyramid field was pitted. He followed it; he never saw the jackal again, but it had led him straight into the hidden chambers of the pharaoh Wenis' pyramid and to the immeasurable treasure of the Pyramid Texts. Howard Carter, discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamen, himself had two encounters with "creatures resembling the black Anubis jackal."
According to Carter, "I saw the first example during the early spring of 1926. When in the desert of Thebes I encountered a pair of jackals slinking towards the Nile Valley, as is their custom, in the dusk of the evening. One of them was evidently the common jackal in spring pelage; but its mate - I was not near enough to tell whether the male or the female - was much larger, of lanky build, and black! Its characteristics were those of the Anubis-animal, and it appeared to be the very counterpart of the figure found in the tomb (of Tutankhamen). It may possibly have been a case of melanism, or a throw-back or rare descendant of some earlier species in Egypt . . .
"The second example that I saw was in October 1928, during early morn in the Valley of the Kings. It had precisely the same characteristics as the former example described, but in this case was a young animal from about seven to ten months old. Its legs were lanky, its body greyhound-like, it had a long pointed muzzle, large, erect, pointed ears, and a drooping tail. Long hairs of a lighter greyish color under the body could be detected . . . .
"I made inquiries among the inhabitants of Gurna (Western Thebes) regarding these animals. They tell me that individual examples of this black variety, though they are very rare, are known to them, and that they are always far more Anubis-creature in form than the ordinary species."

King Tut's wonderful jackal statue of the god Anubis. Made of wood and resin, with details picked out in gold. The eyes are calcite and obsidian, and the claws are solid silver. The jackal has \"humanized\" eyes, complete with kohl, and a ribbon collar.

The above statue as Howard Carter found it, wrapped in a linen shawl and guarding the king's mummy and other treasures.

Three sacred jackals, wearing red ribbon collars

Jackals towing boats in the Underworld

Basalt jackal

Golden embalming scissors

Basalt jackal amulet

Jackal amulet made of electrum

Jackal Pictures, Part II!

Canines of Ancient Egypt
Essay Masterlist
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2021.12.05 17:31 The_BestUsername Linus

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2021.12.05 17:31 dodgebr Bans now are more common than ever?

Almost every app now I'm getting banned really quickly, I do some hits and already get banned even with high spam accuracy.
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2021.12.05 17:31 Pisodeuorrior 3.58 beta won't detect all my apps

Hi all.
I was trying to assign an app to a shortcut, as I've done countless times.
However, I've now noticed that the list of apps that pops up when you choose which one you want to be launched is severely incomplete, so I can't pick the app I need.
Am I doing anything wrong? As far as I can tell klwp has all permissions required.
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2021.12.05 17:31 x647 "I'm married" • "That must be what's turning me on."

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